Are you a die-hard Bud Light fan, or is a bottle of Corona with lime your beer of choice?

According to a study done by Live Science, your preference of mass-market beer is heavily influenced by where you live. 

Instead of looking at sales figures, the study turned to data that came from Tweets sent between June 2012 and May 2013 that contained keywords pertaining to beer (the cheap and light kind), as well as wine. The geotagging option allowed the tweets to be pinpointed on a map.

According to the data—which is cleverly presented in the infographic below—wine lovers are concentrated on both the east and west coasts, while beer aficionados mostly reside in the midwest and parts of the south.

Matthew Zook, a geographer at the University of Kentucky who helped conduct the study, said that Twitter users are not a solid enough sample to be representative of Americans as a whole. However, he says the findings are exciting because,

“They show that what people talk about on Twitter tracks historical and cultural patterns you’d expect in real-world behavior, such as Coloradans favoring the Coors brewed in their state.”

Check out the infographic and let us know if the data holds true in terms of your personal beer choice.

Maps show beer preferences across America.

Photo: LiveScience

[via Huffington PostLiveScience]