It’s more than a little disconcerting to see toffee syrup, chocolate chunks, and sprinkles pop up in coffee drinks. Personally, we enjoy our coffee black or with a bit of milk.

But coffee companies around the world are determined to turn coffee into dessert to turn profits—after all, not everyone likes coffee, but most people like sweets. Seattle’s Best offers a birthday cake “latte,” while Starbucks has started shilling Tiramisu Frappuccinos.

It seems as if every ubiquitous coffee house has entered the race to see who can put out the most sugar- and fat-filled concoction, spiked with everything from Cinnabons to white chocolate brownies. As opposed to the one calorie you’d consume in a cup of black coffee, the sugar-filled drinks featured here contain between 500 and 1,790 calories. And somehow, these companies still have the audacity to call their creations “coffee.”

You may be familiar with caramel macchiatos and whipped cream-topped mocha frappes, but trust us, there are some pretty terrifying drinks out there that make run-of-the-mill mochas look abstemious.

Click through the gallery above to see some of the most sugary—and downright cringe-worthy—dessert-coffee hybrids, from Bananas Foster-flavored K-cups to birthday cake in latte form.