LeBron James has been endorsing Sprite for a while now, but the game is about to change when he gets his own signature flavor: Sprite 6 Mix by LeBron James, which the brand is preparing to unleash on the market.

The “by LeBron James” part makes it sound like high-end fragrance, but in reality it is just regular lemon-lime Sprite mixed with “a twist of cherry and orange flavors”—basically, the drink you get when you go to Taco Bell and fill a cup with a little bit of all the different sodas.

Sprite 6 Mix is described in a press release as “the first flavor developed by Sprite in collaboration with a cultural influencer.” The labels on the two sizes—20-ounce cans and 19.2-ounce bottles—incorporate James’ jersey number, as well as his signature crown logo and his initials in the background.

While we’re waiting for 6 Mix to hit the bodega shelves, we asked some folks around the office what they think it will taste like. Some predictions:

  • “The tears of Cleveland Cavs fans.”
  • “Delicious—until you get to the last quarter of the bottle.”
  • “Victory…which probably tastes like olives?”
  • “Whatever Michael Jordan’s flavor would be, but watered down.”

Either way, we’re excited to try some 6Mix—the official soda of flopping!


[via ESPN]