No more champagne facials for Jay—just straight-up Cotes du Rhone.

Artist Amelia Faus Harnas thought of interesting people she would want to have over to dinner—including Bill Nye, Hemingway, and Hova—and then painted them with Cotes du Rhone on dinner napkins. PUNCH Magazine, who Harnas produced the series for, writes that the artist’s day job is translating medical documents from French to English, but…

“By night she retreats to a tiny hillside shed in the backyard of her childhood home in Corning, New York, opens a bottle of wine, and paints with it. Part of her process is consuming while she works, of course, so results are sometimes unexpected—often pleasantly so.”

Harnas has been experimenting with painting for years, and recently became curious about how wine might work as a stand-in for watercolors. Different wines offer different colors and shades; Harnas prefers Côtes du Rhone and Cahors.

Check out Harnas’ work—which includes wine paintings of Joan of Arc, 1930s actress Hedy Lamarr, Jay Z, Ernest Hemingway, and Bill Nye—here.

[via PUNCH]