Each Sunday, the FWF team selects the most inspiring, enlightening, and fascinating stories from the previous week. Spend your day of rest reading some exceptional food journalism.

What I’d Say to My Fat Son [via The New York Times]

Freelance writer and musician Joshua Max was 7 when he first sprouted a belly. His weight led to severe ridicule by his family and a decades-long struggle with bulimia. Here’s what Max would tell his son if he saw him gaining weight.—Erin Mosbaugh

The Rise of Egotarian Cuisine [via GQ]

Alan Richman calls bullshit on what he describes as a new breed of chefs who are “cooking not for your pleasure but for their own.” While he paints the picture with broad strokes in some ways, he makes a good point: Too much confidence and not enough experience are not a good combination in the kitchen, and not every new restaurant needs to serve a haute tasting menu.—Chris Schonberger

The Art and Science of Cooking Muskrat [via Modern Farmer]

Do you have what it takes to win a rodent cooking competition? Here is one man’s journey into a most unusual culinary challenge.—Erin Mosbaugh

Free Craft Beer! [via New York Times]

Brooklyn Brewery founder and president Steve Hindy drops some jewels in this week’s Sunday Review, explaining the anachronistic distribution laws that stifle the growth of craft beer.—Chris Schonberger

Now Serving All Refugees [via Roads & Kingdoms]

How a small eatery just across the Turkish border has become an unexpected oasis for Syria’s refugees.—Erin Mosbaugh

The Kid’s Table [via New York Times Magazine]

Flynn McGarry is a crazy-ambitious teenager who plans to open the best restaurant in the world. So what if he’s only 15?—Erin Mosbaugh