Each Sunday, the FWF team selects the most inspiring, enlightening, and fascinating stories from the previous week. Spend your day of rest reading some exceptional food journalism.

Are there really foods that we don’t like, or just foods that we haven’t liked yet? [via NYT]

Frank Bruni asks, “Are we cheating ourselves as we ceaselessly expand our culinary horizons with new tastes by not circling back to old ones?”—Erin Mosbaugh

The Man Behind Piggie Park Barbecue is Dead [via Southern Foodways]

A look at the life of South Carolina barbecue legend and segregationist Maurice Bessinger, penned by the author of Holy Smoke: The Big Book of North Carolina Barbecue.—Erin Mosbaugh

How America Fell Out of Love with Orange Juice [via Quartz]

“Shifting American eating habits—which stigmatize sugar and leave little time for breakfast—and surging juice prices have done significant damage to American demand.” Who knew?—Chris Schonberger

A Closer Look at Whole Foods’ List of “Unacceptable Ingredients” [via Slate]

The store’s blacklist is 78 ingredients long and contains many well-known villains in the eyes of health-conscious eaters—aspartame, MSG, and high fructose corn syrup, to name a few.—Liz Barclay

To Save the World, Eat Bugs [via The Atlantic]

Two billion people around the world eat 1,900 types of insects as part of their daily diet. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization only hopes to get the rest of the world’s seven billion people to look to bugs as a sustainably, acceptable source of protein.—Cleo von Siebenthal