Eater reports that the expensive L.A. cold-pressed juice chain Clover Juice will be offering Notorious B.I.G.-themed deals as part of an event called #JuicyDay at their two locations.

The most offensive part of this is that Biggie is the last dude who would do a juice cleanse, ever.

Now for the details of the exclusive Biggie juice cleanse deal: Customers who buy a $10 juice and mention “Biggie Smalls” will get a free mini-bottle of juice, aka a “Smalls.” (NO. DON’T. PLEASE STOP.) And if a desperate juice fiend with no dignity left raps a Biggie hit in the store, they can win both a regular and a mini juice on the house.

We wish we could bring Biggie back to life just to see what he’d do when faced with the miserable human being who’s willing to rap “Suicidal Thoughts” in exchange for a kale smoothie.

[via Eater]