Don’t get tricked into thinking 7 Up is nothing more than a sweet, fizzy beverage that Bloomberg wishes he could have banned. The soda is a valuable ingredient in a variety of dishes, from cakes and biscuits to pork chops and kimchi.

Since the 1950s, the lemon-lime soda has been used instead of baking soda in pound cakes and biscuits. Mad Men-era housewives knew a fun little secret: the drink’s carbonation helps baked goods to rise and achieve a light and fluffy texture. The soda is also a great addition to certain meat marinades—the carbonation and citric acid help to tenderize meat, while the added sugar promotes caramelization during cooking. What’s more, 7 Up is a common ingredient in Korean recipes like white kimchi and short ribs. Who knew that your favorite soft drink had such amazing kitchen potential?

Try these weird and wonderful recipe that feature 7 Up, from retro Jell-O salad to sophisticated Korean galbi.