“Fat Tuesday” (March 4th) is the last day of the Mardi Gras season—the time when Louisiana natives load up on decadent food and boozy drinks before fasting on Ash Wednesday.

Although some of us sad souls aren’t fortunate enough to be in NOLA for Carnival season, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t invite our friends over and throw a party with traditional Mardi Gras food and drink. We’ve featured eight recipes, from shrimp and sausage jambalaya to the classic Sazerac cocktail—plus a couple Carnival staples like Popeyes and Abita—so you can “pass a good time” on Tuesday and pretend you’re partying in New Orleans.

And, for your convenience, we’ve added the appropriate time to consume each of these Mardi Gras favorites, as well as the level of sobriety they require to prepare.

Click through the gallery to see what you should be feasting on for Mardi Gras, and set the mood for your own festivities with a playlist of classic Mardi Gras tunes.