Can we all admit that Super Bowl XLVIII was kind of underwhelming?

The lackluster ads, the silly half time show, and near-shut out all showed that some kind of spark was missing from the national event. While we’re on your side, the folks behind the Super Bowl clearly expected to host a hyped crowd.

In response, they hiked up food and drink prices. Pictures surfaced from inside the stadium yesterday, showing the exorbitant prices that vendors charged for sporting basics like hot dogs and soup. $20 for a souvenir soup cup? $11 hot chocolate? You’re killing us.

The Super Bowl is the only place in the world where peanuts and bottled water cost the same: $6.

Have a look at some of the other outrageous Super Bowl food prices we spotted on Twitter.

We wonder what Bloomberg food critic Ryan Sutton of The Price Hike would have to say about all this. Oh, wait…

[via Deadspin]