Sometimes, you don’t even want cereal. You just want the sweet, sweet milk leftover at the bottom of your bowl of cocoa puffs, fruit loops, etc.

Enter “Cereal Tea”—one of the greatest breakfast/dessert hacks around.

Yes, has a guide to making your very own cereal tea. Author Aaron Geman writes, “Now, any two-bit hack can flavor some milk with cereal and then ditch the cereal. That is not our style. We are refining that process: lending an air of dignity to an otherwise childish act.”

Follow the instructions below and learn how to make your own cereal tea.

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Step 1: Gather your materials


You will need tea bags, pliers, a stapler, milk, cereal fun pack, and a coffee grinder or blender (this last item is useful but not necessary).

Step 2: Disassemble the tea bag


Grab your pliers (or your fingernails will probably do just fine) and unseal the tea bag. “In doing this, pay attention to how the bag is folded and how the string is anchored by the staples. It’s not rocket science, but I didn’t pay attention my first time around and had to open another bag for hints. Empty the tea, ditch the staples, ditch the paper handle, and save the string,” writes Aaron Geman.

Step 3: Pulverize the cereal and fill the tea bag


Either crush the cereal by hand or pulverize it in a coffee/spice grinder. Make a paper funnel to help get the cereal powder into the tea bag. Don’t pack the bag to the brim. “If you fill the bag too much, it will become stretched drum tight around a compacted wad [of cereal], and prevent milk from accessing the flavored diabetes we desire.”

Step 4: Reassembly


reassemb-2Staple your cereal tea bag and cut out a new handle from the cereal box to finish the job. Next, start simmering milk.

Step 5: Rebranding complete


“At some point along the way, I realized the logical last step in commodification is the mini cereal box tea bag dispenser. (So cute! Why didn’t I pose it next to the mini stapler?)”

Step 6: Enjoy your cereal tea


Steep the milk with the cereal-filled tea bag and enjoy in the office, at home, or while gazing out into the ocean like this guy.