The now-ubiquitous cat cafe has become a staple of Japanese culture. Every tourist knows you can go pet the fuzzy cats and drink tea from tiny cups.

But the cafes were originally created for Japanese cat lovers who weren’t allowed pets in their apartments. This way, they could visit a cafe for a latte, a book, and a purring cat curled up on their lap.

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YouTube member Sharia in Japan filmed this video tour of a kitty club for those who may not get the chance to visit.

She explains that each cafe has visitors replace their street shoes with fluffy slippers and wash their hands for the safety of the cats. After that, it’s up to you.

One of the unique benefits of the cat cafes is that they often own rare and purebred cats. Their patrons can play with a Russian Blue or a Munchkin, pictured below.

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Brush up on your cat cafe knowledge now, because one is on its way to San Francisco. KiTEA will be the first of its kind on this side of the ocean. The United States is one of several countries following the Japanese trend, including England’s Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium.

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Are cat cafes about to take off in the US? Watch the video and let us know if you want one in your hood.