Anyone who has seen Her, Spike Jonze’s latest film, knows that the movie has a strong aesthetic style in which color sets the mood and the tone. In a Q&A he did last month in New York City, Jonze cited Jamba Juice as an unlikely influence for his film, reports Random House contributor Durga Chew-Bose.

Her’s visual vocabulary—which aims to portray a near-future Los Angeles—takes cues from the “wood-paneled franchise with its biohazard-green typeface and psychedelic logo,” writes Chew-Bose.

Additionally, Jonze told the Wall Street Journal,

[pullquote]”I always knew I wanted [the movie] to be very warm and colorful. Even before I sat down to write the script, I had these notes, and one of the notes said ‘Jamba Juice.’ I think our movie is much more beautiful than Jamba Juice, but the colorfulness and the cleanness of Jamba Juice was one starting point.”[/pullquote]

After watching the film and taking note of its pervasive creamy whites, deep reds, and washed-up pastels, I can see clearly how the smoothie chain’s aesthetics influenced the director. As the viewer, I understood Her‘s color palette to represent the ideal life for the Angelenos of the future, one that is happy, convenient, and sterile.

juice[via Random House]