Glen Catrine Bonded Warehouse Limited has been been fined £12,000 (almost $20,000) for spilling 6,600 litres of whisky into the River Ayr in Scotland. That adds up to about 7,140 bottles. Yowzah.

STV reports that the accident occurred when a tanker truck carrying 27,500 litres of Ye Olde Scottish Whisky pumped it into the wrong vat, leading to an overflow which then spilled into the river.

While the internet packs up en masse to visit the “Whisky River,” Scottish environmentalists are not too pleased.

Sara Shaw, Procurator Fiscal, Wildlife and Environment told STV:

The risk of pollution of the river should have been one of the considerations at the forefront of the company’s policies. Due to the absence of a number of appropriate systems and staff training, there was always the risk of accident or an overfill incident if an error was made.

It looks like whisky river is a one-time event. Word to our Scottish readers: please take your lunch break at the River Ayr for us.

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