Your bartender and drinking cohorts are judging you. According to a new study released by Republican consulting firm National Media Research Planning and Placement, you could be projecting quite a bit about your political affiliation when you order a drink. Yes, whether your pre-dinner drink is a glass of Prosecco, a Boulevardier, or a Long Island Iced Tea, you are saying something about your political preference.

The consulting firm has collected consumer data and “analyzed the relationship between political habits, affiliations, and the preferred drink of choice for said voters,” reports The Washington Post.

The results of the Conservative-lead poll seem to cohere with a particularly Fox News-aligned perspective, casting liberals as effete elitists and Conservatives as rugged populists. Nevertheless, here’s some important takeaways:

  • Democratic drinkers are more likely to sip Absolut and Grey Goose vodkas, while Republican tipplers are more likely to savor Jim Beam, Canadian Club, and Crown Royal.
  • Those who drink Kendall-Jackson or Robert Mondavi wines are highly likely to vote, and they’re likely to vote Republican. (14 of the top 15 brands that indicate someone is most likely to vote are wines.)
  • Democrats favor Columbia Crest, Ravenswood, Francis Coppola, and Charles Shaw (better known as two-buck Chuck).
  • Captain Morgan’s spiced rum seems to be a bridge of the political divide, imbibed by Democrats, Republicans, and non-voters alike.
  • People who take shots of Jagermeister or Don Julio are much less likely to vote.

So next time you pull up to the bar, think about your order before placing it. You’re conveying more than you think.

[via The Washington Post]