If you think you’ve tasted the grossest shot, you haven’t tried Jeppson’s Malört Liqueur yet.

Malört’s recipe comes from a Swedish wormwood-flavored liqueur. It packs a punch at 70 proof, and has found a cult following in Chicago.

Of its challenging taste, Cracked.com writes,

Malort is reputed to be an excellent remedy for indigestion. This works because the taste of Malort is so soul-crushingly awful that it makes you forget about your stomach pain. Malort is the most unpleasant Swedish export of all time. This is impressive, considering Sweden is also responsible for unleashing the twin evils of lutefisk and ABBA.

Trading shots of Jeppson’s Malört has been a popular bartender’s handshake in Chicago for some time (similar to how industry folks in San Francisco throw back Fernet Branca). But more recently, Chicagoans have begun tricking their friends into trying the disgusting liqueur, then snapping photos of their reaction face. It’s come to be known as #malortface, and it’s hilarious.

Scroll down to see our favorite #malortfaces. Don’t try this at home.

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