Do you really think juicing is healthy? This good folks at the Huffington Post would beg to differ. HuffPo‘s original video looks at the sugar content of the most nutritious-sounding juices from various trendy juice companies. Here’s the results:

  • Liquiteria ‘Beets Me': 39g sugar (equal to the sugar in 5.6 cookies, or 1 can of coke)
  • Blueprint ‘Ginger Aid': 38g sugar (equal to the sugar in 5.4 cookies)
  • Juice Generation ‘Get Up Green': 36g sugar (equal to the sugar in 5.1 cookies)
  • Suja Elements ‘Bluetrients': 36g sugar (equal to the sugar in 5.1 cookies)
  • Organic Avenue ‘Royal Red': 30g sugar (equal to the sugar in 4.3 cookies)

And now, time for a few more super real facts about juicing:

  • “There’s nothing we can eat that will “detoxify” us—our kidneys, liver and colon do that work for us.”
  • “Chances are, any weight loss is merely water coming off as you starve yourself.”
  • “The Mayo Clinic explains, juicing can actually lead to weight gain, thanks to mega-doses of sugar without any of fruit’s naturally occurring fiber, which helps to mitigate the sugar during digestion.”
  • “Unfortunately, the isolated sugar from fruit looks very much like sugar from any other source—it is merely a mixture of fructose and glucose, to which your body responds identically.”
  • “At the very least, juicing can lead to a pretty epic blood sugar crash: Juice is also absent of protein and fat, which play a role in regulating blood sugar.”

So, next time you think: Oh hey, it’s January, better start that juice cleanse after a month of eating shit and drinking beer, THINK AGAIN.

[via Huffington Post]

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