Apparently, coffee is not for everyone.

As part of Acura’s web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” funny man Jerry Seinfeld picks Jay Leno up for a coffee outing in a 1949 Porsche 356/2, which Seinfeld says looks “like a UFO.” Skip to 10:30 to see the comedians at Jones Coffee in Pasadena, CA, joking around with staff. They ask about civet “cat poop” coffee, roasting, and the Jones process.

And how does the coffee taste? Leno’s reaction to his first ever cup of coffee: “Oh god, that’s awful!”

The two men also talk about the beginning of their careers and getting their big breaks while driving to their coffee date. Seinfeld says that he and Leno became good friends because they share the same outlook on comedy: there are no bad gigs. Leno even shares stories about the worst acts of his career. Leno is surprisingly likable and humble, even if it only lasts a few minutes.

Our favorite moment is Seinfeld and Leno pulling into the parking lot, only to see one of Acura’s newest cars, the NSA. Seinfeld quips, “Wow…that is a product placement.”

Jones Coffee is located at 693 Raymond Avenue, Pasadena. Try out their coffee for yourself, because Leno is no connoisseur.

Watch the video above, and wonder how Leno survived 60 years without coffee.