Wisconsin-based brewery Lakemaid took a cue from Amazon’s drone delivery service to help get beer to ice fisherman, reports Beer Street Journal.

How does the beer drone delivery service work? The beer-lacking fisherman sends his or her GPS coordinates to the store owner, the shop owner straps a case of beer to the drone, and the drone delivers the case of beer.


The only issue with this insanely awesome beer drone delivery: There is currently a restriction for commercial use of drones, enforced by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). Amazon is experiencing the same issue—but the website also experiences trouble with flying drones in cities and densely populated areas, whereas Lakemaid would only be flying drones across lakes.

The beer drone is completely conceptual at this point, but we would like to see it become a widely-implemented technology in the near future. Because what would you rather do: run to the bodega, or have a flying helicopter deliver beer to you?

[via Beer Street Journal]