Attaboy, which we named one of our best new bars of the year, might also be behind the best bar Instagram of 2013. Attaboy bartenders Michael McIlroy and Sam Ross have created 16 delightful cinemagraphs (featuring themselves and some smokin’ hot babe) that spell out 16 rules for the holidays. Although, we’d argue that these guidelines—including “don’t forget to overindulge” and “don’t wait, patience can suck it”—should be followed 365 days of the year.

Take a look at the brilliant #attaboyrules cinemagraphs below, then follow @attaboy134 for more Insta-magic in the new year.

Rule 1: Do give the gift that keeps on giving.

Rule 2: Do start the evening with the right drink.

Rule 3: Do expect at least one surprise visit.

Rule 4: Don’t party on an empty stomach.

Rule 5: Don’t wait. Patience can suck it.

Rule 6: Don’t forget to overindulge.

Rule 7: Don’t let your friends pour you a drink.

Rule 8: Do remember appropriate footwear.

Rule 9: Do start the party right, Champagne is never tacky.

Rule 10: Do admire the ladies.

Rule 11: Do your best to be entertaining.

Rule 12: Do reign the boys in.

Rule 13: Do remember to keep your friends close.

Rule 14: Do get carried away with the holiday spirit.

Rule 15: Do make a stylish exit.

Rule 16: Don’t respect your New Year’s resolutions.