Wouldn’t it be nice to crack open a tiny bottle of booze each day of the holiday season? The cold, dreary months of the year are destined to go by much faster and so much less painfully when you commit to drinking on the reg.

This year, British liquor merchant Master of Malt and Drinks by the Dram are dedicated to keeping you in fine spirits with both gin and whiskey advent calendars. The whiskey calender has 24 windows, each with a 3cl sample of a unique whiskey. giphy

Drinks by the Dram writes, “As each calendar is the same you’ll be able to discuss the dram that’s revealed each day, whether it be a single malt Scotch whisky or some other treat from around the world, with other proud owners of one of the very best things ever.”

But don’t forget to consider the Ginvent calendar, which also has 24 3cl samples of “fantastic gin, as chosen by Olivier Ward of Gin Foundry. There are market leaders and artisanal treats alongside new brands and even some hard-to-find gems, but we won’t give it all away just yet… You may wish for it to be a surprise!”

The two calendars aren’t cheap, at $245.59 and $163.70 respectively, but what’s a splurge if it keeps you sane while Grandma asks why you haven’t met a nice girl yet?

[via Master of Malt]