When you’re out to brunch with your friends this weekend (it’s inevitable), you’ll likely find yourself ordering the hungover soul’s best friend: a Bloody Mary. But, if you’re feeling particularly near death, know that you don’t have to venture into the daylight to get that spicy, savory cocktail you want and need. There are tons of flavorful variations of the classic drink that you can make for yourself at home to give that Bloody Mary brunch special a run for its money.

So get yourself going this weekend with some spiced up, creative Bloody Mary renditions. With ingredients like bacon, curry paste, basil, and beef bouillon, you’ll start thinking of a Bloody Mary as less of a hair-of-a-dog cure and more of a delectable reward for getting out of bed (or just being alive in general).

Click through the gallery for the best elevated Bloody Mary recipes that will hit the spot anytime of day.