Instagram really is the greatest. Scrolling through an endless feed, you see pictures of people’s families, their artsy sunset shots, the kind of booze they drink and…oh my god, what is that thing!?

Mushy leftovers, greasy pizza, shiny meat, and other food sins lurk around every corner of Instagram, hiding under the pseudonyms #foodporn, #food, and #dinner. Think about it: a mashed potato sandwich on white bread next to a mound of anemic-looking fries just isn’t a good photography subject—and it’s not a dish that even the Lo-Fi filter can help.

Because we care, we’ve written the official guide to terrible food Instagrams. Find out how to spot them in the wild, and learn how not to be a perpetrator of these Instagram crimes yourself before it’s too late and you’re left with five followers. And please, don’t encourage your friends by ‘liking’ their #strugglegrams.

Here, we present the ultimate travesties of food Instagrams, so you can avoid them at all cost. 

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