Beer consumption in Japan was falling, but then Sapporo, one of the nation’s leading brewers, came up with a way to reach out to those who usually don’t drink beer.

Sapporo developed the Waku Waku Brewery Project, an online shopping site through which customers can choose the type of beer they want and the color of the bottle, then customize the label themselves. The customized label can include both photos and personal messages.

“We need to get people to share beer for occasions,” Aiko Saito, marketing planner at Sapporo, told AdWeek. “For instance, on Valentine’s Day, we want people to give their partner beer instead of chocolate.”

The customized packages of beer are not only perfect for Valentine’s Day, but also for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day (you name it). AdWeek reports that a university ordered 200 sets for its alumni association. And a customized beer set featuring 12 scenic views of cherry blossom trees proved incredibly popular in the spring. Orders during the first year were double what Sapporo had planned for.

We are going to order a six pack and put our faces on the labels, obviously.

[via AdWeek]