Joaquin Simo, owner and bartender at NYC’s Pouring Ribbons, explains the rationale behind the Action Bronson—”an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink cocktail“—to VICE. The cocktail, named after the Queens foodie rap god, combines rose-infused Clontarf whiskey, a Hungarian liqueur called Unicum Plum, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and beets. “That earthy sweetness of beets is what I was really after. Beet juice in cocktails is fairly intense. We use about a quarter ounce of beet juice in this drink, a tiny amount,” Simo tells VICE.

Simo’s inspiration for the Action Bronson cocktail stemmed from repeat listens to Bronson’s Blue Chips mixtape during a recent vacation. But VICE notes that the Pouring Ribbons menu changes seasonally, so the Action Bronson might be off the menu in a matter of weeks. “For those who love their hip-hop cocktails with a healthy dose of beet, consider this your five week warning.”

[via VICE]

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