Have you ever considered eating grasshoppers? How about blood? Many Americans consider these items repulsive, but apparently, that’s just us.

Across the world, other cultures enjoy foods that we would never dream of eating—indeed, until the recent popularity of offal, even basic animals parts like pork belly and tripe were considered inedible by much of the country. From bugs to horse meat, perceptions of what’s tasty, luxurious, and healthy vary across the globe.

This concept has been explored in shows like Bizarre Foods, where host Andrew Zimmern travels both abroad and domestically to eat delicacies like pork brain, donkey skin, and horse-mane sashimi. Before you go to China and start freaking out when you’re served blood tofu, or order a Stella in London and try to act like you have refined taste, read this list of foods that have totally different reputations in other cultures.

Click through the slideshow to see some surprising cultural delicacies, and foods and drinks that have a completely different rap in others parts of the world.