Hold up—is this a news story or the synopsis of Spring Breakers II? It’s kind of hard to tell.

‘Everett’s Hillbilly Hotties,’ a coffee shop in Everett, Washington—which happens to be across the street from a school and a health clinic—was serving up sex shows along with coffee. According to this report by local news channel Komo News, officers showed up with search warrants and took away three of the stands “bikini baristas” in handcuffs during a raid. Two were arrested for “violating adult cabaret laws” and one for lewd conduct. “(There were complaints) that body parts were being shown. That inappropriate things were being done at the location,” said Aaron Snell of the Everett Police Department.

“There was a definite sense of they were willing to do more for extra money,” says one Everett resident. Two baristas, ages 20 and 21, are facing charges of violating the city’s adult cabaret law. A third barista, a 33-year-old from Lynnwood, was arrested for lewd conduct stemming from a different investigation. “Two customers in one day thanked me for wearing clothes,” mentions a worker at the coffee shop across the way from Everett’s Hillbilly Hotties.

Police won’t discuss what the involvement—if any—the owner of the stand had in the alleged crimes. In other relevant news, a 12-year-old robbed the same coffee stand in September.

[via Komo News]