Starbucks has collaborated with Swiss railway company SBB to introduce their first commercial shop on a train, reports designboom. The coffee chain literally wants to be everywhere you go. The first Starbucks train is scheduled to run from the Geneva airport to St. Gallen in Switzerland on November 21 at 6:36 am.

The 50-seat lounge-like space focuses on comfort and functionality, with custom leather seating and raw-edge wooden tables. The car is split between two levels, and outfitted with a color palette inspired by coffee shades (think dark roasted brown beans and white frothy milk). Drinks will be delivered to customer’s tables.

Photo: Design Boom

Photo: Design Boom

The exterior of the train is red and white, and is branded with the Starbucks logo. The exterior also includes “additional graphic design motifs, such as white icons to represent menu items like espressos and muffins.” Take a look at this video which shows the interior and exterior of the train:

SBB reinvents the railway experience with starbucks on a train from designboom on Vimeo.

[via Designboom]