They say that Los Angeles is the home of the beautiful people. But it’s also the home of the fancy milkshakes.

When The Powder Room, a new cocktail bar, opens on November 22nd, it will be sure to attract a crowd. In a wily PR move, the bar has announced that it will be offering a boozy milkshake that costs $500.

The milkshake will reportedly have edible gold leaf and a Swarovksi ring attached. Sweet deal, considering the price is under half what you’d pay for the Grand Opulence Deluxe from Serendipity 3 with its edible gold goblet.

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Founder Jack Arakaki told the Huffington Post that he would like to see the milkshake ordered for special events like bachelorette parties.

A short list of other, possibly more amazing things you can buy for $500:

  • Four 20-ounce porterhouse Waygu steaks
  • Handmade Laguiole knives with carved horn handles
  • One Italian artisan leather shoe by Berluti
  • Visit from a Tony Soprano lookalike
  • A night at Bellagio’s new Club Prive
  • Cartier whiskey flask
  • One shot of Botox

[via Huffington Post]

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