So that’s it—another year, another New York City Wine & Food Festival that blew through town in a fever dream of frosted tips and orange Crocs. You can read our recap of an eye-opening panel discussion with New York Times restaurant critics, see what went down at Bobby Flay’s Tacos & Tequila party, and catch up on all the food porn we snapped along the way. Or, you can just check out what really matters: the most ridiculous things we heard from the crowd at the festival (below), and the most WTF social-media moments of the weekend (above).

The Funniest Overheard Lines of NYCWFF

“So much foie gras, so much sea urchin. Yeah, uni, the Japanese word for it. OOH-NAY. And I got to hang out with all these chefs, Wylie Dufresne and Todd Colicchio.” – a guy standing in line for Morimoto’s Rockin’ Dumplings and Rollin’ Sushi

“Why the hell would you give that to him?” – mom to dad as small child cries uncontrollably after eating a spicy “Buffalo shrimp” from ’21’ Club at Jets + Chefs: The Ultimate Tailgate

“I’m eating around the bun so it’s okay, right?” – a Jersey girl at Rachael Ray’s Burger Bash, while eating probably her fifth burger

“Oh my god, the worst one: Guy Fieri opened some theme kind of place and they just assassinated him. Oh my god, they just assassinated him! See if anyone asks about that one…” – two middle-aged women in the crowd before the NYT restaurant critic TimesTalk

“It’s one thing if you’re a HUGE Food Network star like Chris Santos and you want to walk away from your station to mingle a bit, but these others chefs should just do their job.” – a grumpy bro at Bobby Flay’s Tacos & Tequila party

“I fucking hate Jäger” – Jäger girl wearing a Jäger hat while pouring a shot of Jäger at Andrew Zimmern’s Oktoberfest