Stockholm designers Front created a whisky-serving set for Sottish whisky brand Ballantine’s 12. The gorgeous 5-piece serving set can be stacked into a balancing tower, and is comprised of an oak coaster, whisky glass, copper ice container, water jug, and copper spoon. In this movie from design site Dezeen, Front’s Sofia Lagerkvist explains how the project was informed by a visit to the Ballantine’s production facilities in Scotland.

“We got to smell and taste different components of the whisky, and learn about the different flavors that are brought together in the end to create the unique Ballantine’s 12 flavor. These different materials also add to the different flavors of the whisky,” says Sofia.

“The thing we have created is called balance, and we have made hand-crafted objects that we have balanced on top of each other in a seemingly magical way. We really wanted to create a magical element to our object because we wanted to wake people’s curiosity about the whisky.”

[via Dezeen]