Japan is known around the world for its unique culinary creations, including green tea Kit Kats, pig placenta drinks, and octopus ice cream. True to tradition, the Aomori Prefecture—known as a major garlic producer—has begun producing craft beer flavored with umami-rich black garlic.

Aomori Garlic Black Beer is a dark craft beer flavored with black garlic, which is garlic that has undergone a month long fermentation. During that period, the cloves transforms into black nuggets with a soft, chewy consistency and a concentrated, sweet, umami flavor with hints of balsamic vinegar. Shoji Kudo, famous for other Aomori beers like Mt. Osore Beer and Aomori Nebuta Beer, is the brains behind the unique brew.


Rocket News 24‘s taste tester reports that the beer tastes completely normal when you first sip it, but the aftertaste of garlic is intense. “By the time she drank half a glass, Mami felt exactly like she just polished off an entire plate of gyoza. The sensation of having eaten gyoza was unbelievably strong. She found herself drinking just to keep up the aftertaste.”

If this sounds appealing to you, Garlic Black Beer comes in 330mL bottles which retail for 630 yen. Head to the Aomori website to purchase a bottle (hope you can read Japanese).

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