Blowfish for Hangovers is a drugstore cure for a rough night out. The tiny white tablets contain a mix of caffeine and aspirin that dissolves into lemon-flavored fizz.  Blowfish has come up with a seriously hilarious way of marketing their product using clever infographics and Twitter tracking.

Blowfish’s website includes charts like “#HUNGOVER,” which shows tweets across the country that use the word hungover in real time, “‘Sick’ Days,” and “Shots! Shots! Shots!” Each page has rankings by state that are both hilarious and informative. In short, Blowfish truly gets Americans and their propensity to over-drink.

“One Nation: Under the Influence” is Blowfish’s newest infographic, created after surveying over 5,000 Americans about their drinking habits. This clever infographic teaches us that residents of Maine drink the most, tequila is the top hangover culprit, and 51% of Americans say they’ve been hungover at work—so stop feeling so paranoid.

Scroll down to see all the facts about American intoxication.

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