GQ sent “writer and monogamist” Teddy Wayne to meet ladies looking to find no-strings-attached sex outside their marriages on Wayne calls “the behemoth of extramarital-dating sites, whose controversial slogan is ‘Life is short. Have an affair.®'” When reaching out to the ladies of AshleyMadison, Wayne name-drops GQ and assures recipients that their anonymity will be preserved.

Now, time for the real question: Where do these philandering NYC ladies take Teddy Wayne for their “sexy dates”? We assume the women wouldn’t want to run into a friend, a coworker, or a family member while secretly seeing a male that is anyone but their husband. So they must find restaurants where their anonymity can be preserved.

Here’s a rundown of the ladies and the restaurants they chose:

Lady #1, Megan: “Megan has picked Coppelia, a Latin American diner at the border of Chelsea and the West Village in Manhattan, and she’s waiting in a booth when I arrive…’I find myself living my life in the third person and deciding whether it’d be a good story,’ says Megan. She takes a sip of beer. ‘I want it to be dramatic.'”

Lady #2, Gloria: “Gloria is a slender, pretty woman in her late forties whom I meet on a Friday night at The Bar Downstairs at the Andaz Hotel in midtown.”

Lady #3, Sarah: “One early-thirties woman, Sarah, has just met a date—she’s ambivalent about him—before she joins me for lunch at the French bistro L’Express near Gramercy Park.”

Lady #4, Laura: “After a few mojitos, the details pour out about her liaisons, generally with men who are ‘very rich and older and dominant’—with whom, she says, ‘I feel like an expensive toy.’ There’s the gentleman who, during a two-hour lunch date at Babbo, Mario Batali’s West Village restaurant, fingered her under the table.”

Mid-way through the article, Wayne admits that he’s “gotten a taste of how physically and mentally fatiguing it can be to set up these arrangements, and I’m not even leading a double life.”

The journalist also points out that, for some of these women, cheating is about desire for another life altogether. Maybe that means eating out at places you normally wouldn’t? Ordering the steak tartare instead of the beet salad? We don’t know, but we do like Coppelia’s cubano sandwich and yucca fries.

[via GQ]