The man behind Youtube channel blumgum, who goes by the name of “black guy” (don’t ask), has made a name for himself attempting eating challenges while cursing a whole lot, then documenting his experiences online. Here, he takes on the Ghost Face Killah Chili Beer. Twisted Pine Brewing’s website describes the Chili Beer as, “a dream for spice lovers, Ghost Face Killah features not only the deliciously fresh chili flavors of Serrano, Habanero, Jalapeno, Anaheim, and Fresno peppers, but also the lingering smokiness and visceral heat of dried and smoked Ghost Peppers.”

We’d imagine it’s quite the struggle to power through at least one of these bottles, but blumgum has enlisted to take on five of them, and attempt it all in under five minutes. This man is burly, bearded, and utterly cocky, so watching him try and down five of the hottest beers on the market is pure bliss. The challenge hilariously reduces him to a college freshman in pain after downing their first shot of vodka, and the video is complete with blumgum’s teary-eyed stumble to dry heave over the toilet.

Unfortunately, he fails to complete the challenge in under five minutes, clocking out at six minutes forty seconds. Nevertheless, this is still an impressive feat. Man vs. ghost pepper is undoubtedly one of the most intense food challenges to be attempted.

View the video above, but beware, it’s a bit NSFW. Blumgum curses constantly and says things like “my inner child is being raped.”  

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[Via Youtube/Beer Pulse]