Aside from Google Maps, Pivo will definitely be the app you use most when doing some serious globetrotting. Part language guide, drinking companion, and travel tool, it teaches you how to order beer in 59 languages. And if the usability of drinking-related phrases retained from high school Spanish are any indication, it’s pretty much the most useful app out there.

Great ideas are often born out of frustration, and the idea to create Pivo was no exception. The app’s founders, Justin Amey and Ollie Hepworth, found themselves struggling to order brews while exploring Prague, even after frantic Google searches for the Czech term for beer (which happens to be pivo). Once they thought up the app, they named it Pivo, in honor of their struggle.

From Afrikaans to Zulu, Pivo enables you to cheers in a ridiculous amount of languages. The app not only shows you the phrase for how to order a beer (written in the local alphabet) but also supplies a phonetic pronunciation in English. The true genius in the app, however, are the videos of native speakers demonstrating perfect pronunciation. Best part? You can watch them without having to fork an arm and a leg over in international data fees or wi-fi charges.

Now all you have to worry about is figuring how to make it back to your hotel after one too many beers.

Available for iOS, $0.99. 


[via Design Taxi]