Somewhere, in the recent course of human history, New Yorkers decided that it was okay to spend $12 on a cup of blended greens that looks like it’s been scooped directly out of a swamp (sorry, no amount of lemon juice and cayenne pepper can change that). It’s a testament to juicing’s ubiquity that the word itself now evokes images of Lululemon-clad toting Organic Avenue bottles, rather than Major League baseball players pumping themselves full of steroids.

Drinking smoothies and wheatgrass shots is nothing new for American health nuts, but a perfect storm of health-consciousness and trendy organic ingredients (holler, kale) has cranked the juice craze up to 11. And looking at menus at juice bars around town, it’s clear that the game done changed—there’s a higher emphasis than ever on “cleanses” designed to flush the body of toxins (and compensate for an otherwise louche lifestyle); juices are packed with ingredients you never thought about drinking, like Irish sea moss and garlic; and prices have steadily risen as the juice bar evolved into the juice chain, with the branding wars to match.

To get a clearer picture of the options that have stormed the city—as well as what they think you’re willing to pay for a hemp-spiked beet concoction—we did some research to bring you the Juice Bar Price Index.

Click through the gallery above to explore the most popular juice bar chains in New York City, as well as how much they’ll hurt your wallet.