MillerCoors, a parent company of Blue Moon, has made some incredibly bold, defensive remarks in reaction to complaints from “beer snobs” that Blue Moon isn’t really a craft beer. These so-called beer snobs—including Freddy Bensch, co-founder of Atlanta-based SweetWater Brewing Co.—think that megabrewers are trying to cash in on the craft beer trend without abiding by the handmade, small-batch philosophy of other craft breweries.

MillerCoors CEO Tom Long’s reaction to these complaints, plus the accusations that MillerCoors is being “crafty” by leaving its name off Blue Moon bottles, is what you would expect from a head officer at a mega corporation. In an interview with Bloomberg, Long stated, “Blue Moon Brewing Co. has been around long before the vast majority of craft brewers. What exactly is crafty about that?” The CEO then goes on to say, “We should be proud to make beers that grow and are popular—that’s the American way.” Maybe Long will first admit that Blue Moon blatantly ripped off Dogfish Head’s beer-wine hybrid idea, then he can go on a truth rampage and admit that MillerCoors is in fact eager to cash in on the popularity of craft beer. For now, Long’s take on the accusations can be summed up in this eloquent remark: “Being small and unpopular, what’s the utility in that?”

[via Bloomberg]