Ever since beer has been flowing from taps, bars have been putting up bawdy signs to drawn in punters—and put them in their place once they’re inside. It’s a celebrated tradition and an integral part of dive bar culture.

As we’ve made clear in the past, we’re suckers for food and drink puns, so barroom slogans are right in our wheelhouse. From “Are You Drunk Enough?” diagrams, to Confucius-esque quotes about lemonade and vodka, to a totally valid reason for why “shit faced mondays” has been discontinued, we present some of the best bar signs across the country. Please keep trucking out there, dive bars of America—you are the bards of the inebriated, and we love you for it.

Click through the gallery to see some of the funniest (and, in some cases, dumbest) bar signs around.