Coffee. It’s the morning nectar from the energy gods for many, whether it’s a fancy-pants cup brewed with a Chemex, or the instant drivel that most mere mortals slurp down. With the rise of the Third Wave coffee movement, we have become more aware of where our coffee comes from, but how much do we really know about what is actually in our mugs? At first glance, coffee is simple— coffee beans and water brewed together with perhaps a swirl of milk and a spoon (or three) of sugar mixed in. Take a deeper look, however, and you’ll find that your half-calf-mocha-soy-hazelnut-latte actually gets some of its flavor from cockroach pheromones, as well as the same stuff that makes microwave popcorn taste extra buttery. A cup of tea anyone?

Watch the video above to find out what really is in your cup of coffee. 

[via Wired]