Kitschy beer brand clothing has been a staple of bro closets ever since the glory days of Animal House, and beer-centric boxers are probably the most tacky of all beer-related apparel—except for maybe the beer case cowboy hat, but we’re not really going to consider that “wearable”.

Most of the beer-boxer market consists of corny (but enjoyable) beer puns, like the “I’d Tap That” keg-printed shorts, so we’ve included those in our best-of list along with some other goofy gift-giving options. Take the vintage beer can boxers, for example, stacked with old school cans of Old Milwaukee, Genesee, Becks, and more. Or check out J.Crew’s green pint and beer mug-covered boxers for a (somewhat) more fashionable option.

Click through the gallery above for some of the best beer-centric boxers on the market.