This just in: The cure to smelly feet is to wear socks infused with coffee. Yes, the black stuff that keeps you awake and functioning most days of the week is useful for more than just caffeination. Ministry of Supply, a performance apparel company, has created what they dub the “perfect sock” for those dealing with malodorous stenches stemming from inside their shoes. This dress sock, dubbed “The Atlas”, is made from a unique blend of recycled polyester and cotton that has been infused with carbonized coffee in order to keep the unpleasant odors at bay.

Apparently, odor molecules are made mostly of carbon (isn’t most organic material also?) and are attracted to the carbonized coffee. The stinky molecules are absorbed by the sock’s unique structure, which is similar to that of a sponge. The odor is released from the socks when they are washed, returning them to their initial capacity for capturing bad scents.

But the most important question of all regarding the coffee socks is: Will your feet smell like a macchiato after wearing them? Unfortunately, no. The carbonized coffee is processed in a manner so that the coffee oils are stripped away, removing the smell. We’re just waiting for Starbucks to come out with it’s own line, preferably customizable to match your venti-triple-shot-extra-whip-hazelnut-latte.



[via Design Taxi]