Ever wonder what club-goers and boozehounds in China are drinking while you sip on Hypnotique or Henney? The mystery has been revealed thanks to a list compiled by China Whisper of the “10 Most Famous Chinese Liquor Brands.” According to the website, gifting liquor—specifically the Chinese’s favorite liquor, baijiu—is a big thing in China.

Among the country’s most famous baijiu liquors are Fenjiu, Erguotou, Wuliangye, Jiugui, Daqu, Maotai, and Red Star. Some of these bottles aren’t cheap—a 1955 bottle of Five Star Maotai (which is distilled from fermented sorghum and has a soy sauce-like fragrance) was recently sold for 1.26 million RMB, or $204,120. So if you’re really aiming to be a baller, you should consider importing some baijiu from China and giving it out this holiday season (along with some Yao Ming wine, natch)

Click through the gallery to see a few of the most popular types of baijiu.

All photos courtesy of China Whisper.

[via The World of Chinese]