We already knew baseball stadiums are one of the best places on Earth to get sloshed outside of a bar, but Dodger Stadium in LA is really kicking things up a notch. The powers that be at the stadium have installed a frozen beer foam machine, imported from Japan (where else?), to take customers’ not-so-cheap cups of Bud Light to the next level.

The topping, which is actually flash-frozen pure beer, is remarkable less for its texture—it’s apparently stiff and Icee-like—than for its ability to keep beer cold for innings at a time, an absolutely vital innovation in this climate change’d era of 90-degree game days and nosebleed seats in the glaring sun.

No word yet if this beer-sipping revolution will expand beyond Dodger Stadium to other ballparks or even bars, but this is clearly the novelty-drinking innovation of the century. FROZEN BEER FOAM, PEOPLE. Dare to dream.

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