Welcome to “Ask a Beer Pro,” a monthly feature where we ask Greg Engert—the craft-brew maven behind D.C.’s Birch & Barley and ChurchKey, as well as the forthcoming Bluejacket brewery—to help us discover new suds to try. Got a question? Tweet it @churchkeydc and @firstwefeast.

Craft beer has enjoyed a meteroric rise in popularity over the last decade or so. That’s a great thing, but that rapid ascent in the popular conscience has also meant that consumers have had to learn quickly about things—and sometimes, some shoddy information gets downloaded into the popular consciousness and perpetuated at bars and restaurants around the country. Just as oenophiles are only now beginning to debunk rampant myths—like the idea that you can’t drink red wine with fish—thoughtful beer nerds are beginning to question some popular suds wisdom that people have blindly accepted for year.

To nip some of these falsehoods in the bud, we asked beer pro Greg Engert to answer the question: What are the most pervasive myths that you see in the beer industry today? And boy, did he go in…prepare to have your world changed.