Welcome to #TheDrunkestShitEver, a weekly series where we ask bartenders the most ridiculous thing they’ve seen happen inside a bar. Unsurprisingly, these barkeeps have witnessed some pretty drunk s**t, and they’d like to share their finest tales of debauchery, epicness, and idiocy with you.

Name: Jason Littrell
Bartending resume: Jason formerly worked at NYC’s famed cocktail bar Death & Co. and served as co-beverage director at JBird Cocktails. He’s currently doing event production with his company CRTCLMSS and working to open a new cocktail bar in Greenwich Village called Analog.

What is the drunkest s**you’ve ever seen?

JasonLittrellLittrell says: We coined the phrase “hockey drunk” after I caused people to get so drunk that they fell off their stool and chipped their tooth. This has happened to me twice in my career.

I’m not going to tell you who the two people I’ve seen this happen to are, but…one of them is a writer and one of them is whatever. When they come in, they’re both generally pretty reserved. They don’t drink a lot, and they kind of take the high road—unlike us bartenders who tend to drink like fish.

Except for sometimes, when they’re having a really good time, they tend to drink a little bit more—in these particular occasions they happened to drink a little bit more than they thought they were drinking, slipped out of their bar stools, and chipped their tooth [laughs]. I mean, this is awful, it’s like a really painful thing.

My friends and I were talking about the incident one time and someone was like, “Oh, like in hockey!” Like, a natural part of the game is you tend to loose your teeth. And then the act of falling off your stool and chipping your tooth turned into “hockey drunk.” I’m sure you’ve heard all the box-cutter stories, all the sex in bathroom stories, bar fights. I figured hockey drunk would be pretty unique.