Starbucks baristas’ methods of flirting—or one singular method, rather—is so generic that it appears to come from a page of their corporate handbook. The men and women who make your half-caf-non-fat-soy-mocha-hazelnut-coffee concoction seem to be so drained of creativity that they all attempt to score the phone numbers of attractive customers in the exact same manner.

Reddit user littlebabyburrito shared a photo of a Starbucks cup with the bottom warning selectively scribbled out to reveal the phrase “careful, you’re extremely hot,” which, admittedly, is kind of cheesily cute at first glance. That is, until Huffington Post found many similar images after a quick search on imgur. Let’s just hope no one gets burned (literally and figuratively) because, as one astute commentator pointed out, the customer could sue due to the warning being obscured.

Click through the gallery above for images of the same cheesy pick-up line again and again. 

[via Huff Po]