The rise of social media and its influence on every facet of life is undeniable. Admittedly, social media has its pitfalls, including endless streams of awful Instagram photos. But there are times where social media—particularly Twitter—has been a platform for people to come together for a greater cause, e.g., the Arab Spring or the amazing hashtags surrounding #PaulaDeenGate.

The word hashtag has even ingrained itself in the English lexicon, from casual conversations to song titles, so it only makes sense that a product would emerge with a physical hashtag in its name.

That is exactly what Brew Dog, the boundary-pushing Scottish brewery, has done with its latest craft beer, called #Mashtag. The beer itself is a product of genius crowd-sourcing via Twitter and Facebook, where every decision in regards to the beer, from the name to the alcohol content, was decided on by fan voting. The final result is “a 7.5% American Brown Ale loaded with New Zealand hops and aged on Hazelnuts and Oak chips.”

As it turns out, Brew Dog isn’t the only brewery to follow such a blueprint. Sixpoint has turned to crowd-sourcing via its online platforms to create the latest version of Autumnation, its fall seasonal beer. Voters have their say on multiple aspects of the beer, from the type of hops used to the logo design.

Crowd-sourcing is definitely an interesting way to give fans of a brands more personal influence over the goods they purchase. We wonder, however, if beer is just the beginning. Perhaps we are entering the age of the crowd-sourced restaurant—which we are not fully against as long as we can find away to crowd-fund payment for the bill.

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