According to a British study of nearly 7,000 ten-year-old children, consuming a moderate amount of alcohol during pregnancy has no correlation with balance problems—a common indicator of developmental issues in utero—in children. In fact, kids whose moms had three to seven drinks during their 18th week of pregnancy outperformed their peers, landing in the top quarter of those surveyed. Which is to say: Moms-to-be, it might soon be socially acceptable to break out the Pinot while you’re expecting.

As LA Weekly’s Squid Ink points out, the U.K. study reaffirms the findings of a Danish study published last year that found five-year-olds whose mothers engaged in moderate drinking during pregnancy weren’t any less attentive or intelligent than their peers. But heavy drinking is still a no-no (duh), and the British researchers also note that moderate drinking is generally correlated with income, meaning wealth might be a confounding variable in the study.

That’s all for know, but we’re awaiting the SNL parody commercial for Mommy-ritas with baited breath.

[via LA Weekly]