How is it not surprising that Eric Ripert—the zen master of Le Bernardin, arguably the most important seafood restaurant in America—is a self-professed comics book fan? In an interviewfor New York‘s ever-wonderful 21 Questions series, the man himself notes:

Who’s your favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional?
Batman. Because he’s a superhero and he saves the city all the time, but very often he fucked up a little bit. I grew up reading comic books — too many — because of that I ended up in the kitchen at an early age. The more you read comics, the less studying, right?

He also explains that the last thing he saw on Broadway was Spider Man. Please note that Le Bernardin’s promotional photos kind of make him seem like Batman (see above). Also, in slightly more predictable news, he loves Fernet (as does Batman’s butler Alfred, apparently) and cocktails that get you plastered (like Negronis), the sign of a no-nonsense drinker with taste if there ever was one. Takeaway: Eric Ripert remains exactly as genuinely likable as you’ve always imagined him to be. Carry on.

[via Daily Intel/New York Mag]